SeaXplorer from Damen & Amels
SeaXplorer from Damen & Amels

From Damen and Amels: SeaXplorer, a no-limits beauty

“For those who dream of discovering the world beyond limits” is the tagline of the SeaXplorer expedition range from Damen and Amels which spans models of 65 to 100 metres. Amels, of course, is renowned for its luxury yachts and support vessels, while Damen has an extensive Harbour, Defence & Security, Offshore and Yachting portfolio.
The range is the product of extensive naval tank testing that replicated polar sea conditions, and also Damen’s collaboration with Eyos Expeditions. Azure Yacht Design and Naval Architecture did the exterior layout while superb seakeeping and safety are delivered by Damen’s Sea Axe hull.
The 100-metre can accommodate 30 guests and 50 crew. It also has two helicopters, two lifeboats, one rescue inflatable, a diving assistance crat, four inflatable tenders, a limousine tender, two submersibles and four jet skis.

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