Horacio Bozzo pens a 160’ Custom Benetti: the Zafiro yacht

The Zafiro yacht from Benetti
The Zafiro yacht from Benetti

Zafiro is a 160’ FB702 Custom Project from Benetti. Both exterior and interior are the work of Horacio Bozzo, a choice dictated by the owner’s desire for a craft that would be elegant, contemporary and timeless at once.
“The simplicity and purity of the lines are the soul of the project in which functional demands embrace design,” explains Horacio Bozzo whose design includes a beach club with sauna and a 115 square metre flying bridge with a 4-metre pool.
The Benetti’s other unique features span a balcony that extends the owner’s suite which also has a large window to draw light in and provide the right kind of views.

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